IAF Brand Ambassadors

Being a good facilitator is a great way to promote the power of facilitation, and the IAF brand.

Would you like to boost your promotional and branding abilities?

To build more awareness and understanding about the power of facilitation, the International Association of Facilitation (IAF) works with Brand Ambassadors to leverage their facilitation skills to benefit their own brand, as well as the branding of IAF chapters, regions, campaigns and events.

Become an IAF Brand Ambassador

We are looking for people to be the voice of the IAF as well as the creators of a beautiful organisation.

  • Being a spokesperson for the IAF (speak at conferences, develop outreach & partnerships, publicity & news coverage, feature in media and videos.)
  • Improve the brand (Support IAF locally with visual identity, tone of voice, member engagement, communications & media)

Among the benefits attached to this role are: learning how to better promote facilitation, understanding how brands and reputations improve, widening the market for facilitation, deepening respect for the facilitation, not to mention inspiration, credibility and visibility.

The ideal candidates for this role care about how people perceive facilitation, or have an eye for making things look & feel good. We are looking for at least one person from every chapter, with additional people for regional roles and conferences. You may simply have curiosity about the subject or have a developed visual, oral, design or marketing skills.

RESOURCES available to Brand Ambassadors:

  • Advice (access to the brand experts, marketeers, designers and a global pool of brand ambassadors)
  • Brand guidelines (shows how to apply the IAF branding guidelines to make your image shine)
  • Visual materials (1, 2, and 8 page brochures, roll-up banners, PowerPoint & Word templates, and social media banners)
  • Image resources (photos, illustrations and video footage that feature facilitation)
  • Design services (graphic design, video production, illustrators)
  • Google Basecamp (the collaboration platform where Brand Ambassadors exchange ideas and resources)

WEBINARS available to IAF Brand Ambassadors:

  • Join or hear recordings of the webinars “Being an IAF Brand Ambassador” held twice on 10 May 2019; or
  • “Sharing IAF Brand Best Practices” held twice on 14 June 2019.

Being an IAF Brand Ambassador

May 10 – 9 AM GMT - Register 
May 10 – 3 PM GMT - Register  

Sharing IAF Brand Best Practices

June 14 – 9 AM GMT - Register 
June 14 – 4 PM GMT - Register 

If you would like to be a brand ambassador, send an email to our marketing team at map@iaf-world.org or office@iaf-world.org. You will then be given access to the marketing and branding resources and webinars.

IAF Branding Activities

We are open to your ideas on how to best leverage the IAF’s branding resources for the greater good of all members. Here is what we are focusing on now:

  • We are extending the global IAF brand guidelines
    We are auditing all IAF touchpoints and offering support to improve the way people perceive and interact with the IAF brand
  • We are producing animated videos such as the International Association of Facilitators: Who We Are & What We Do.
  • We are producing short films on Mentoring, the Facilitator’s Professional Path, the Facilitation Impact Awards and other topics that feature our members.
  • We are building awareness for our organisation by winning awards such as the Most Engaged Association prize.
  • We are publishing articles, chapters, forwards and books.
  • We are upgrading our website.
  • And we are leveraging our brand ambassadors

This is already a great list of activities – but there is always space for one more post-it on our global flipchart!

Sharing Your Stories

IAF members’ events are full of creative activities and engaged participants — great content for promoting the power of facilitation. The question is how can we show the rest of the world these great ideas?

IAF is on a mission to promote the power of facilitation and be a unified voice for a broad portfolio of facilitated experiences. Our challenge is to have IAF brand consistently represented well while celebrating the unique talents of our members – IAF Brand Ambassadors are the people who can rise above this challenge to make both our members and our association shine.