IAF Bursary Fund - Gifts and In Memoriam


The Association has created the "IAF Bursary Fund" to receive gifts from a variety of sources to be used to support of the growth of facilitation in parts of the world where needed.  Among other things this would include financial awards to individuals to assist with the costs associated with applying for the IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator designation, based on financial need.  

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Gifts may be made at any time to the Association by individuals or organizations.  The Association will thank these donors and recognize them on the IAF website.  A "Donation" page has been created for ease of use in making donations of any kind by credit card, PayPal etc. in US dollars.  In addition to the various types if gifting mentioned above, this mechanism will allow for sponsorship to conferences, and donations to the IAF Bursary Fund in support of the growth of facilitation in other parts of the world that need support. To keep things simple, all donations received under any of the following options will be received into the IAF Bursary Fund, unless otherwise directed  on the "Donations" page.  

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From time to time, individuals, companies, and organizations may desire to honor an individual with a donation in order to recognize special achievements, a lifetime of service provided to the profession, and other contributions of note. The Association will thank these contributors and honor the individuals recognized by the donor organization on the IAF website.

IAF Regions and Chapters are encouraged to recognize the contribution of individuals who have served at the Region and/or Chapter level with a donation to the Association.  The Association will honor these individuals, the donor organization, and the contribution on the IAF website. 


Bequests are gifts made by will.  A member who wants to continue a tradition of caring can leave a specific amount of money, a piece of property or a portion of their estate residue to the Association.  A bequest is a current gift that is taken from future dollars but can still leave a legacy for both the member and the Association. 

There are various types of gifts made by will such as  "Specific" (a specific amount of cash), "Residual" (The Association would receive all or a percentage of what remains in the donor's estate after other provisions have been fulfilled) and "Contingent" (The Association would receive all or a percentage of what remains in a donor's estate after other named beneficiaries have died.)  It is highly recommended that an experienced estate lawyer create a well-drafted will in this regard.  Sharing intentions with the Association will allow the IAF to thank and recognize the individual on the IAF website. 


A memorial is a monetary gift offered in memory of an individual who is no longer with us but whose life made an impact, a difference, in the field of process facilitation. Memorial gifts to the Association can be made by friends, relatives, co-workers, chapters or regions to recognize the work and contributions of such an individual. On request the Association will establish a permanent memorial page about this individual on the IAF website.

While donations to the Association in the name of the deceased are welcome there is no obligation for donations to be made as a requirement to setting up a memorial page.

The Association would also invite the submission of additional information about the individual from other members/donors to add to the permanent memorial page on the website, and would thank contributors on the IAF website. Any gifts would be received into the IAF Bursary Fund.

Wayne Nelson

Janet Elliott Danforth - CPF | Emeritus

Robert Vance


The Power of Facilitation book project


The Power of Facilitation book project is a labour of love for all contributors. It's mission is to promote the power of facilitation worldwide. They are making the book available for free, in order to enable and encourage everyone to read it and to share it.

They encourage you to make a voluntary donation instead, of as much as you are able, to IAF.

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Charitable Life Insurance

A gift of life insurance, with the Association as beneficiary, provides a way for individuals to make a gift to the IAF for a comparatively small initial investment, with possible tax benefits depending on the jurisdiction of the donor. 

A life insurance gift:

  • Makes a larger gift more affordable
  • Does not diminish the donor's estate
  • Provides proceeds to the Association which are not reduced by taxes or other fees
  • May provide tax credit benefits for insurance premiums in certain circumstances

In some jurisdictions life insurance can benefit both the donor and the IAF when the Association is named beneficiary.  Upon death the proceeds pass outside the donor's estate providing both privacy and protection from estate administration taxes (probate fees).  It is also possible to donate a new or existing policy during a donor's lifetime irrevocably making the Association both owner and beneficiary of the policy.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust is a way to make a secure future gift to the Association while retaining the investment income from the gift during your lifetime. For a donor who decides to give an asset to support the Association but currently requires the income which the asset generates, a charitable remainder trust has many benefits.


In all cases it is highly recommended potential donors obtain independent legal and tax advice before proceeding.