IAF Certification Fee Policies

IAF Certification Fee Policies

The cost of IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator accreditation is $2500.00* USD plus IAF Membership. NOTE:  All funds are non-refundable/non-transferable.

The CPF application fee is based on several factors that determine the number of assessors and space required to conduct the evaluation of the IAF Core Competencies for accreditation. Assessor time for report preparation is included in the calculated assessment days. Please note, travel and accommodations are the responsibility of the candidate.  

IAF Certification does not negotiate application fees; the total fees per CPF assessment are applied consistently across the world.

Postponement Fee

In rare circumstances, IAF may, at its discretion, approve a request to postpone assessment for a candidate. In such cases, the candidate may be charged a fee of $350* USD to defray administrative costs.

Cancellation/Withdraw Fees

In the event the candidate elects to withdraw prior to the Stage 2 (part II & part III) document deadline, candidates will be provided a refund less $350* USD to defray administrative costs.

Should a candidate withdraw from a CPF event after the Stage 2 (part II & part III) document deadline, the application fee is non-refundable/non-transferable.

No Shows: No refunds will be made for a candidate who registers for the CPF assessment but does not cancel or attend the Stage 2 assessment.

In the case that IAF elects to cancel the certification event, IAF will provide the candidate a full refund of their application fee. 

Fee Deadlines

Fees are due according to published document deadlines in the Certification events calendar and/or in correspondence from the Administrative office.


An individual wishing to appeal result of the assessment will submit a Notice of Appeal to the Certification Manager, within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of the written feedback report.

  • Grounds for an appeal
    • An applicant can appeal the result of the assessment if they believe that the assessment process was conducted unfairly. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide specific details to support their assertion that the assessment process was conducted unfairly. Merely disagreeing with the result is not grounds for an appeal.
  • Cost of an appeal
    • The cost for lodging an appeal against the result of the assessment is $800 USD.
    • If the appeal is upheld in favour of the candidate, the $800 USD will be refunded to the candidate. If the appeal is rejected the $800 USD will not be refunded.

Certification Expiration

Certification is valid for four years after the date of successful completion. A renewal of certificate is required to remain certified. A renewal fee of $400* USD will apply. For more information, please visit our recertification page. Kindly note, you must also be a current member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) for the entire period of certification.

If your certification lapses, to re-apply, a fee of $150/year lapsed would be required in addition to the application fee. A brief explanation as to why your certification has expired would also be required. If your certification has been expired for more than four years, you would then be required to start the certification process from the beginning. 

Payment Methods

  • Online – a link will be provided to you upon receipt of your application.
  • By mail - Payment may be made by mail if paying by cheque or money order.
  • Wire transfer – bank details will be provided to you upon receipt of your application.


*The fees stated in this policy are correct at the time of publication. Fees will increase by 2-3% annually for all IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator assessment events in order to cover increases in costs. IAF reserves the right to alter fees without notice.