IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator

The IAF CertifiedTM Professional Facilitator (CPF) is the professional designation for IAF members who demonstrate having IAF Core Competencies.  These represent a fundamental set of skills, knowledge, and behaviours that support effective facilitation in a wide variety of contexts.

The CPF designation benefits both facilitators and their clients. Facilitators achieve a formal certification and undertake valuable self-reflection and learning. For clients, working with a CPF provides an assurance that the facilitator has met the internationally recognised standard for effective facilitation of group processes. 

To learn more about the CPF and its principle advantages, please visit Benefits of the CPF.

“As an independent contractor, my certification is not only reassuring for my clients but provides feedback for me about my strengths and development needs as a facilitator.”
(Helen C, CPF 2007, Sydney, Australia)


To achieve the CPF designation, a facilitator needs to document their experience and must demonstrate both knowledge of, and skills in applying, the IAF’s Facilitator Core Competencies. 

This includes a written submission, interviews with IAF Assessors, an observed practicum, and feedback from the Assessors. The designation is renewed every three years through a follow up submission and feedback process.

To learn more about the CPF assessment process, please visit Endorsement and certifications.