IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator ǀ Emeritus

The IAF Certified™ Professional Facilitator ǀ Emeritus is a designation granted to an IAF CPF or IAF CPF ǀ M when the person demonstrates the senior level of an IAF CPF ǀ M, however is no longer actively working as a professional facilitator, and who has made significant contributions to advancing the field of facilitation (e.g. publishing, teaching, mentoring, etc.) over the course of their career. This certification level is meant primarily for those who have retired or are retiring, from actively facilitating.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Same prerequisites as an IAF CPF Master
  • Provide information that expresses reason for requesting Emeritus
    • Reason for no longer being an active / practicing professional facilitator
    • Intentions for continued engagement in furthering the field of facilitation

Steps to Obtaining Credential

Application Fee


  • Once you achieve the Emeritus level, recertification is not required.