IAF Funding Assistance

Pro Path Financial Support Program

One of the IAF Priorities is to make the IAF Professional Development Pathway accessible to members in all regions. The Financial Support Program aims to support the professional growth of those members who cannot access our Professional Development Pathway.

Successful applicants will receive a discounted rate of up to 80% of the assessment fee to participate in a CPF event within the next two years. Candidates receiving financial support must attend a CPF Assessment event within two years from the date of the official communication about receiving the award.

This program is not intended to address an inability to afford certification for other reasons. Individuals who are in the startup phase of their business, operate in normally robust economies that are going through a downturn, or have not been successful in generating enough business to cover the costs will not be eligible. See full selection criteria below for more information.


When to Apply 

Every year IAF will announce to the general membership the amount of funding available at the start of the year, and the period in which members can apply.

Application process

The decision regarding who receives PRO PATH Financial Support rests with the PRO PATH Financial Support Team. The application process develops as follows:
  • The candidate downloads the PRO PATH Financial Support Application from the IAF website. . 
  • The candidate completes the application and submits it to the IAF Certification Office within the deadline set for application.
  • Kindly note, if the application is incomplete, it will be rejected.   
  • If all is in order, the applications received will be forwarded to the Screening Team
  • The opening of the application window is announced and the deadline for applications is set.
  • Applications are assessed against the criteria shown in the table below.

Final Decision

If needed, assessors may request an interview with the candidate to complete the assessment and conclude the final scoring.

The interview will last around 30 minues and will focus on the criteria, looking for a more in-depth understanding and clarification. 


The PRO PATH Financial Support Team Chair will then notify all the candidates of the outcome of the assessment. 



Selection Criteria

  • Candidate describes a clear and qualifying financial need. 
  • Candidate uses facilitation on a regular basis in work and / or life.
  • Candidate encourages others to use facilitation through mentoring, training, etc.
  • Candidate is a current member of IAF 
  • Candidate demonstrates support of IAF’s Vision, Mission, Values, and Code of Ethics
  • Candidate describes how they have met the IAF Core Competencies
  • Candidate has described how receiving a CPF designation will impact their life and why it is important to them.
  • Candidate is an active member of IAF which may be demonstrated by, but is not limited to:
    • participating in a local chapter
    • attending IAF conferences
    • volunteering to help at IAF conferences
    • presenting at professional development events
    • organising professional development events around facilitation
    • volunteering for a working group


  • All financial support applications must be completed in English even if CPFs event may be conducted in another language. Eventual applications in other languages could be authorized by the Chair of the team in special circumstances.
  • Members can submit only one application per year.
  • The amount budgeted for this programme each year will be limited, and based on the Certification programme’s financial health. As such, it’s possible that you might meet the criteria for support in each year, but funds will not be available.
  • The programme will support up to 80% of the cost of the certification or accreditation you’re applying for.
  • The programme will not support travel and accommodation expenses to attend an event.
  • The programme is based on merit and need. Applicants are assessed using the selection criteria on the left.
  • The decisions on financial support and facilitator competency are made separately by different teams. Being approved for financial support does not guarantee an invitation to an assessment, nor that you will pass the assessment.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact the certification administrator at certification@iaf-world.org.