International Facilitation Week


International Facilitation Week (IFW) is an event that takes place each year during the third week of October. Its purpose is to showcase the power of facilitation to both new and existing audiences and to create a sense of community among facilitators and their groups worldwide.

Since its launch in 2013, the week has become a spark that ignites activities around the world to highlight the benefits of facilitation, the gifts of facilitators and the comradeship of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF).

The IAF is simply the catalyst for International Facilitation Week. The invitation to celebrate the week is open to everyone. 

International Facilitation Week - Next Dates

2019: October 7th-13th
2020: October 19th-25th
2021: October  18th-24th
2022: October  17th-23rd
2023: October 16th-22nd
2024: October 14th-20th

Anyone who is holding an activity to celebrate International Facilitation Week is welcome to use the following logo:

Logo for online use:      


Here are some ideas to inspire your own activities:

  • Publicise your best facilitation case studies  - now is the time to write those up and announce them on your own and your clients' websites! Get creative - use video and podcasted interviews.
  • If you are an internal facilitator, encourage your employer to showcase how you use facilitation for the benefit of your organisation. Hold a "lunch and learn" or "coffee break case study" in your workplace during the week.
  • Organise a training or learning event with others who also work on collaboration, dialogue, mediation, conflict resolution and group process. 
  • Set up an event for potential clients in which you showcase the benefits of facilitation. Need inspiration? Consider interviewing recipients of the Facilitation Impact Awards.
  • Offer free or discounted facilitation services to groups who could benefit from professional facilitation. Use IFW to announce a commitment to doing some new pro-bono work, or to release the results from some previous pro-bono work.
  • Approach your local school, college, university, teaching hospital or training providers to see if they'd like to collaborate on an IFW event or program.
  • Talk to your local or national health and social care organisations to discuss the possibility of a training or other facilitation event during the Week. 
  • Use your networks - What other professional organisations do you belong to that might be interested in joining in celebrating IFW?   
  • Make use of the media. Local papers and radio stations are may include coverage if given a strong local angle or link to issues currently in the news.
  • If you blog, make sure you write about facilitation in the run up to and during the Week. Think of an especially strong example or compelling facilitation story.

Spreading the word for IFW

To share your events for listing, please send the relevant details (who, what, where, when and how) to the IAF Office at We welcome your pictures, videos and other media too (send us a link on google drive or youtube!

We also tweet via @FacWeek and @IAFacilitators using the hashtag #FacWeek and post about IFW on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

IAF Sponsored and Chapter Activities for 2018

The next International Facilitation Week (IFW) will take place from 15 to 21 October 2018. 

During the week, the Association and its members hold a number of activities. In past IFW we have announced new inductees to the IAF Hall of Fame.  IAF chapters hold numerous activities too, both virtual and face-to-face.  Here is a list of current registered events. Please send your events to: so they can appear in this page.

You can view all 2018 IFW events here.

Other related events to facilitation during IFW 2018 (we provide this information as a service to all facilitators, please contact the organizers for more information)






I4PL Conference - Performance and Learning in the Digital Age

Oct. 16-18

Institute for Performance & Learning

Westin Harbour Castle, Toronto,


Celebration of International Facilitation Week

Oct. 15th
4:30 PM

Assoc. for Talent Development
St, Louis Chapter

St. Louis,


Introduction to Systemic Coaching and Large Scale Facilitation

October 17th

Adventures with Agile

Moo, 2nd Floor, 20 Farringdon Road, London EC1 3AF, United Kingdom