Maintaining your CPF

In order to maintain the IAF CertifiedTM Professional Facilitator (CPF), you must:

  • Be a current member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF);
  • Undertake the CPF recertification every three years.

The IAF requires that CPFs recertify in order to ensure that the CPF designation maintains its credibility and continues to denote ongoing mastery of the IAF Core Competencies by facilitators who are active in the field. Recertification also encourages IAF members to commit to their own professional development, assisted by credible peer review and feedback.

The CPF Recertification process was developed by a working group of CPFs and approved by the IAF Board of Directors in 2009. 

CPF Recertification

All CPFs who are approaching the date required for recertification will receive a notification from the IAF with detailed information regarding the recertification process. This includes the timeframe in which recertification must take place in order to preserve a CPF designation.

Recertification requires that a CPF complete an Recertification Application and pay the required fee. The application consists of the following three componnents:

  1. A listing of seven (7) facilitated workshops completed within the last three (3) years.  The selected workshops should ideally demonstrate a variety of processes that demonstrate your range of facilitation skills.

  2. A listing of professional development undertaken since your original certification date.

  3. A short essay (1000-1500 words), linking lessons learned since you became a CPF to the IAF Core Competencies, demonstrating changes in facilitation style and behavior, and indicating what growth has occurred during the period since your CPF Certification.

Upon receipt of the application and payment, a CPF Assessor reviews the Recertification materials and the candidate is notified within 60 days on the outcome of the application. Recertification materials are reviewed anonymously (i.e. identifiers are removed from the application and a number is assigned before being sent to the Assessor for review).

For more information about the CPF Recertification process, please contact the IAF at

Download the application for CPF Recertification:

*Appliaction fees are non-refundable. Please click here for our Certification Fee Policies.

"Re-certification was a timely reminder to reflect on my practice as a facilitator. What has changed in my practice and what do I need to work on? I was reminded that undertaking my CPF was just part of my ongoing, never-ending learning as a facilitator.” (Rhonda T, CPF, Melbourne, Australia)