Making Online Facilitation a Success

The IAF created this page in response to COVID-19 to help facilitators pivot to working online.



Please note: Inclusion in this list should not be considered an endorsement of the tool from the IAF. 


  1. IAF Methods Library hosted by SessionLab, almost 500 resources, many of them can be adapted for online deployment (login with IAF account required for full access).
  2. Resources for Online Meetings, Classes, and Events - Facilitators for Pandemic Response Group
  3. Leading During a Pandemic: Setting Strategy, Virtually
  4. An emergency guide to work remotely
  5. The Handbook for Working with Difficult Groups - Chapter 11: Virtual Teams: Difficult in All Dimensions, by Thomas A. O’Neill and and Theresa J. B. Kline
  6. Virtual Facilitating in times of Corona
  7. Prepare | Execute | Follow-up - Organize and lead a meeting, gathering or workshop online
  8. 28 Tools for Online Brainstorming and Decision Making in Meetings (2019 update)
  9. Learning for Nature - Virtual Engagement Guide: Tips and Best Practices
  10. Taylor Newberry Consulting - Tips for Meeting in a Virtual World
  11. Robin Parsons Consulting and Facilitation - Virtual Meetings and Coronavirus - We need tech know-how but also compassion
  12. Tips + Resources for Virtual Gatherings During This Global Pandemic by Elizabeth DiLuzio + Laura Zatlin
  13. Barbara Pederson - Virtual Idea 1: Using images before and during a facilitated virtual session
  14. Jeffer London - Hope for Teams in Troubled Times
  15. Mutual Aid Disaster Relief - Collective Care is Our Best Weapon against COVID-19 
  16. Nomadic International Business Psychology Virtual Facilitation Blog 
  17. Live Connections: Virtual Facilitation for High Engagement and Powerful Learning 
  18. Tips for Successful Online Meetings
  19. IAF India Webinar - Effective Online Facilitation.
  20. Franklin Morais - IAF Competencies in Action-Virtually! 
  21. IAF Latin America and the Caribbean - Recorded Webinar: Ice-breakers for your e-meetings
  22. WEDO & WECF's Planning Virtual Meetings Toolkit
  23. Virtual Planning Do's and Don'ts by Jack Shand, FCMC, the Portage Group
  24. Open Space Technology and Zoom
  25. Conceptboard virtual whiteboard tool
  26. Free library of virtual facilitation tips and techniques
  27. Virtually Possible - Virtual Facilitation Platform - Discount for IAF Members
  28. The Art of Leading Successful Online Meetings: 6 steps to engaging meetings that get results 
  29. Why use virtual flipcharts
  30. How to use virtual flipcharts


  1. Guía para trabajo Remoto
  2. Planeación adaptativa en medio del COVID-19 - Una herramienta práctica para aplicar ahora mismo
  3. Prepararse | Ejecutar | Seguimiento - Organizar y dirigir una reunión, reunión o taller en línea
  4. Recomendaciones para una reunión on-line satisfactoria (pdf)
  5. El Camino del Elder -  Trabajar online con grupos. Metodologías de apoyo


  1. Comment optimiser le télétravail avec son équipe ?
  2. Mini guide de survie aux réunions à distance (Ebook)
  3. Formation : les fondamentaux de la facilitation à distance
  4. Parcours de formation à la facilitation à distance


  1. Um guia para trabalhar a distância em situações de emergência
  2. Preparar | Executar | Encaminhar - Organizar e conduzir uma reunião, encontro ou workshop online




  5. جلسات مجازی تسهیلگری مجازی و کنفرانس وب


  1. Raccomandazioni per riunione online di successo


  1. Faciliteren van Online Meetings
  2. Brainy Bunch TV 


  1. Facilitering af onlinemøder

Software for virtual collaboration

NOTE: A product listing does not mean an endorsement from the IAF. All resources listed here are recommended by IAF members who offer to share tips and give more advice on using them for online facilitation.

Tool Facilitators that use it (for tips and advice)
Adobe Connect Martin Gilbraith
Butter Алёна Мороз
CANVAS (LMS) Lynda Baker
Gamestorming Suite Bruno Selun
Google Drive Lynda Baker, Jerry Ming, Jerlyn Tang,  Natalie Zend
Google Jamboard Celeste Brito, Ana Umbelino, Rita Oliveira Pelica
GroupMap Jeremy Lu, Paul Nunesdea
Howspace Peter Seah, Paul Nunesdea
Lucid Meetings Beatrice Briggs
MeetingSphere   Steve Bather, Paul Nunesdea
Mentimeter Gary Austin
Miro Pepe NummiАлёна Мороз
Mirror Mirror Helene JewellLee Button
MURAL Lynda Baker, Jerry MingPaul Nunesdea, Jerlyn TangRossana Von Sacken
Nureva Span Workspace Jon Knight, Paul Nunesdea
Padlet Алёна Мороз
Poll Everywhere Natalie Zend
QIQOchat Gerardo de Luzenberger
Remo Pilar Orti, Rachel Malek, Paul Nunesdea
Seshboard Matt Bassett
Slack Jerry Mings, Jerlyn TangNatalie Zend
Stormz Hector Villareal
Synthetron online discussion tool  Megan Ross
Teeming Natalie Zend
Thoughtexchange Fernando Murray Loureiro
VideoFacilitator Pilar Orti, Paolo Martinez
Zoom Martin Gilbraith, Rosanna von Sacken, Lynda Baker, Rita GuptaАлёна Мороз
MS Teams Charlotte Ditloev Jensen (Phone - +45 50810018)


Digital tools for visual collaboration and group decision-making - LINKEDIN GROUP

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