Making Virtual Facilitation a Success

IAF has set up this webpage in response to COVID-19 and the needs of facilitators and the wider world who are struggling with collaborating remotely. The webpage includes 3 categories of resources:

1. EVENTSOnline meetings, webinars, and platform gatherings to learn about tools, techniques and platforms. These sessions are for everyone, and given by members, vendors & friends of the IAF.

2. RESOURCES. List of resources for virtual facilitation.
Please Note: Inclusion in this list should not be considered an endorsement of the tool from the IAF . 

3. COMMUNITYOnline meetings offering support & conversation forums for facilitators who are trying to make sense of the crisis, re-planning, transforming their offerings and being present for each other.

We will promote this page across all social media, with the intention to feature & support our members, and be a rational voice in the overwelming amount of info that is flooding the market.#workingremote #WFH #virtualfacilitation.

PLEASE NOTE: The events and resources listed on this page will be constantly updated. If you have any information that you would like us to include on this page, kindly email us at


2020 Global Facilitation Summit
October 29-30, 2020, Stockholm

Currently the planning for the IAF Global Summit later in the year is on schedule, we are meeting regularly and are including the current COVID19 situation in all our thinking. Shortly we hope to announce the workshop and jumpstart sessions.

As the COVID19 situation changes daily we will continue to accommodate current advice into our plans and we will communicate with you regularly to share current summit thinking and planning.

The Future of Facilitation is Now! 
Tuesday, 7 April - 6PM - 7:30PM WET

From Face-To-Face to Virtual: How to Kick-Start Your Journey into Virtual Facilitation
Wednesday, 8 April 2020 - 5:00pm Eastern

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This list is permanently updated please share the resources you use so we can continue updating it.

Please Note: Inclusion in this list should not be considered an endorsement of the tool from the IAF . 


  1. IAF Methods Library hosted by SessionLab, almost 500 resources, many of them can be adapted for online deployment (login with IAF account required for full access).
  2. Resources for Online Meetings, Classes, and Events - Facilitators for Pandemic Response Group
  3. An emergency guide to work remotely
  4. Virtual Facilitating in times of Corona
  5. Prepare | Execute | Follow-up - Organize and lead a meeting, gathering or workshop online
  6. 28 Tools for Online Brainstorming and Decision Making in Meetings (2019 update)


  1. Guía para trabajo Remoto
  2. Planeación adaptativa en medio del COVID-19 - Una herramienta práctica para aplicar ahora mismo
  3. Prepararse | Ejecutar | Seguimiento - Organizar y dirigir una reunión, reunión o taller en línea


  1. Um guia para trabalhar a distância em situações de emergência
  2. Preparar | Executar | Encaminhar - Organizar e conduzir uma reunião, encontro ou workshop online




  5. جلسات مجازی تسهیلگری مجازی و کنفرانس وب

Software for virtual collaboration:

NOTE: The appearance of a software or online service from these suppliers does not mean an endorsement from the IAF or any of its officers or representatives. All resources listed here are recommended by IAF members who offer to share tips and give more advice on how to use them for virtual facilitation.

If you'd like to share more tools please send an email to

Tool Facilitators that use it (for tips and advice)
Adobe Connect Martin Gilbraith
Gamestorming Suite Bruno Selun
Google Drive Natalie Zend
Google Jamboard Celeste Brito, Ana Umbelino, Rita Oliveira Pelica
GroupMap Jeremy Lu, Paul Nunesdea
Howspace Peter Seah, Paul Nunesdea
Lucid Meetings Beatrice Briggs
MeetingSphere   Steve Bather, Paul Nunesdea
Mentimeter Gary Austin
Miro Pepe Nummi
MURAL Rossana Von Sacken, Paul Nunesdea
Nureva Span Workspace Jon Knight, Paul Nunesdea
Poll Everywhere Natalie Zend
Remo Pilar Orti, Rachel Malek, Paul Nunesdea
Slack Natalie Zend
Stormz Hector Villareal
Synthetron online discussion tool  Megan Ross
Teeming Natalie Zend
VideoFacilitator Pilar Orti, Paolo Martinez


Digital tools for visual collaboration and group decision-making - LINKEDIN GROUP

IAF England and Wales Chapter Meetups:
All of IAF E&W regular meetups are available and now online. Visit the website for more information.

#COVID19 channel in Slack:

Comunidad de facilitadores hispanohablantes (Community of Spanish speaking facilitators)
Contact: Beatrice Briggs (Mexico)

Facilitators for Pandemic Response Group