Meet the Candidates - Elections 2020

The IAF Board Treasurer Position Overview

The Board's Treasurer is responsible, as are all the directors, for the strategy that the association moves forward with to pursue its mission of growing the community of practice for all those who facilitate, establishing internationally accepted professional standards, building credibility, and promoting the value of facilitation around the world.

The Treasurer's specific responsibilities are:

Ensuring a high standard of financial management, governance and accountability.

Supporting the Directors and the Board as a whole in fulfilling their financial responsibilities.

Overseeing and supporting the Association’s financial management function on behalf of the Board.

A complete role description for Treasurer is available by clicking here.

There is one candidate for this position.


Candidate 1 of 1 for Treasurer: Sharda Naidoo (South Africa)

Sharda Naidoo's Statement:

My motivation to serve on the Board of the IAF stems from my:

  • Interest in building strong organisations to serve global human development;
  • Wish to learn and share with the cross-section of Board members from around the world;
  • Experience in growing a membership association and my hopes of learning more about building capable, responsive, dynamic organisations;
  • Commitment to build equality in world;
  • Awareness that change and improvements are engendered by thorough process orientation which needs in depth facilitation to ensure the levels and breadth of transformation that is needed in the world today.

I will also bring innovative skills and techniques in building financial sustainability, based on work I have done in 3 countries. While the match between resources and expenditure is one part of sustainability, I have developed tools, case studies and facilitated workshops on generating revenue through new income streams.

In these ways, I hope we will be able to ensure equitable support for under-served regions / countries, thereby supporting IAF to become more truly global and equitable.

I am aware that being Treasurer of the IAF means I will need to display exemplary standards in overseeing the financial management and accountability functions within IAF as well the roles as described in the “Role Statement: Treasurer.” The strengths that I will bring to the Board are my resilience, my openness to and interest in learning, my extensive experience and my multi-faceted competence. In my work I have learnt to balance organisational and technical expertise, with a healthy respect for incremental and manageable change.

Most of all, I want to experience the pleasure and (I’ll take the pain with it) of being part of a growing global network of organisations and people who care about building a better world where the ideas and thinking of everyone is taken into account.

Introductory Video: To view Sharda's video click here

IAF Engagement Highlights

Member Since CPF IAF Leadership Roles Other
2016 No
  • Southern Africa representative in the IAF Africa Leadership Team
  • Leading the formation of a Southern Africa IAF Chapter
  • Economist
  • Attended many IAF webinars and learning sessions.


Director of Professional Development Position Overview

The Director of Professional Development is responsible, as are all the directors, for the strategy that the association moves forward with to pursue its mission of growing the community of practice for all those who facilitate, establishing internationally accepted professional standards, building credibility, and promoting the value of facilitation around the world.

The Director of Professional Development is responsible for:

  • Leading the Board in developing an appropriate global strategy and policy for the Professional Development portfolio:
    • IAF Professional Development Path including the Mentorship Programme and IAF Certification Programmes.
    • IAF Endorsed™Training Programme
    • IAF Methods Database
    • IAF Funding Assistance Programme
    • Publishing of member publications on the IAF website.
  • Monitoring professional development activities in each region, to provide advice and guidance and to identify and propagate best practices.
  • Providing facilitative leadership to volunteers, staff and contractors involved in professional development, ensuring their alignment with global strategy and policy.
  • Managing the professional development budget and any contracts with suppliers.

A complete role description for Director of Professional Development is available by clicking here.

There is one candidate for this position.


Candidate 1 of 1 for Director of Professional Development: Gerardo De Luzenberger, CPF (Italy)

Gerardo De Luzenberger's Statement:

I had the privilege to serve the IAF Board as Director of Professional Development in the past 2 years. The covid pandemic had and is having a huge impact on the IAF. We had to face a completely new scenario, adapting as much as possible our programmes to this new situation. We have been working on:

  • The landing of the new Professional Development suite of certifications;
  • the launch of CPF Master and CPF Emeritus;
  • the launch of the Mentoring Programme;
  • the design and implementation (we are almost there – applications will be opened at the end of 2020 Mentoring Programme) of the IAF Endorsed™ Facilitator Designation.
  • The launch of the new Professional Development Funding Support Programme, to support members that wish to apply for CPF certification.
  • The revision of the EFTP – the Endorsed™ Facilitation Training Programme.
  • The launch of a fully online CPF assessment process.

Our action has been oriented by the following guidelines:

  • to increase the transparency and visibility of the system.
  • to involve members (CPFs and Assessors) in the design and implementation of the new PD activities
  • to ensure continuity and consistency with the work done by previous PD Directors
  • to ensure the financial health of the IAF

The work has been challenging. We have done a lot, and there is still a lot to do to complete this task. Hence my decision to apply for a second time - I would like to complete the many things we have started, not forgetting that there are a number of other things it would be important to work on in the next two years:

  • The increasing demand for assessing in other languages (French, Spanish etc.).
  • The need to expand the assessors’ community, offering the possibility to members to be actively involved in the management of our Professional Development Programme


Introductory Video:To view Gerardo's video click here.

IAF Engagement Highlights

Member Since CPF Leadership Roles Other
2004 Yes
  • Current IAF Dir of Professional Development
  • Current EMENA leadership team​
  • Current chair of IAF Italy
  • 2012 IAF Italy co-founder
  • 2018 organizer of IAF EME 2019 conference in Italy
  • IAF Assessor




IAF Regional Director Poisition Overview

The Regional Director provides facilitative leadership to the membership in their respective regions, ensuring that IAF’s activity in the region is aligned with the strategy and policy of the global association.

The Regional Director sets up and leads a regional board or team to assist the Director strategize and implement regional initiatives.

The Regional Director also serves as a formal link between the global Board and the regional board or team, chapters, and groups, representing the regional members’ interests to the global Board and vice versa.

There is a Regional Director for each geographic region:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Canada
  • Europe and the Middle East
  • Latin American and the Caribbean (including South America)
  • Oceania
  • United States

A complete role description for Regional Director position is available byclicking here.

There is one candidate for this position Regional Director of Africa.

Candidate 1 of 1 for Regional Director of Africa: Benjamin Yaw Manu (Ghana)

Benjamin Yaw Manu's Statement:

As a proud member of IAF and a two-time former member of the Africa Leadership Team, I have supported institutional efforts in the incremental growth of IAF in Africa in the past 2 years. First, I want to thank you all for supporting me when I contested for the global Secretary position last year. It is my wish again to step up to serve you as your Regional Director for Africa.

Aside my experiences as a former Association Executive of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), UK and current Board Member of Association of Change Management Professionals based in the US, I want to partner with you to craft and implement the next strategy for Africa set within the global IAF business operating plan. For this reason, I want you to count on me for the following goals I have set for this position:

  • Enhance the development and delivery of the association’s business strategy for Africa through stronger leadership and financial stewardship, resource mobilization, membership engagement and retention
  • Strengthen relationships with IAF Africa family: from members, volunteers, and chapter leaders and exploring mutually beneficial stakeholder relationships for member interest on the continent
  • Expedite in Africa the recognition and growth of facilitation as a catalytic discipline for all industries- particularly so as COVID-19 impacts acutely on the economic outcomes of the continent
  • Support members in Africa to develop and build facilitation organizational leaders and teams in Africa
  • Support the Board in improving our Board evaluation processes to enhance overall governance performance of IAF.

Optional Introductory Video
To view Benjamin's introductory video click here

IAF Engagement Highlights

Member Since CPF IAF Leadership roles Other
2017 No
  • Current Africa Leadership Team member
  • 2018 Membership for Africa Region Lead
  • 2019 Marketing and Partnership Lead
  • Organizing team support for 2020 IAF Africa Togo conference
  • Organizing team support for 2019 IAF Kenya conference


Candidate 1 of 1 for Regional Director of Oceania: Megan Ross (Australia)
Megan Ross' Statement:

2020 has been a challenging year for many. I am proud to be a member of the IAF, who has supported its members through the rapid shift to working in a virtual world. The generosity of members offering their knowledge and experience to support other members and the wider facilitation community this year has been inspiring. I would be thrilled to continue in the Regional Director Oceania role and continue to grow and support the facilitator community in our region as I believe that facilitation is an essential competency in modern workplaces.

Since starting in the Regional Director role last year, a stronger connection has developed between the global and regional committees, and more regular local events held to develop confidence and skills in facilitation and grow a stronger community. I would like to build on this over the next two years. My goal is to identify and understand the user experience of our members, potential members, and buyers of facilitation services, and how we, as a global association, can provide more value to our community and customers.

I believe I have the skills and experience to perform the role of Regional Director Oceania and will be a valuable contributor. 2020 has provided us with an opportunity to re-imagine the future, and I welcome the chance to be part of it.

IAF Engagement Highlights

Member Since CPF IAF Leadership roles Other
2017 No
  • Current Regional Director Oceania
  • 2019 Secretary/Treasurer Australian Chapter
  • Participated in the IAF Mentorship program as a mentee
  • Acted as a FIA evaluator
  • Assisted Director of Marketing with global rollout of Canva
  • Engaged the Australasian Facilitators Network and the Australian Government Facilitation Community of Practice.
  • Networked across several aligned disciplines.
  • Organized many local events and attended events in other regions.

Candidate 1 of 1 for Regional Director of the United States: Jonathan Bell (United States)
Jonathan Bell's Statement:

I want to continue being your Regional Director for USA because the field of facilitation has contributed a great deal to my personal and professional life and I want to give back to facilitation at its highest levels.

Having served as your Regional Director for the past two years, I am excited about the growth our region has enjoyed and look forward to new and exciting opportunities for us in the near future. It is important to the success of our region that there be opportunities for our membership to participate and be engaged as much as they desire. To ensure our regional members have that opportunity, my goal for my tenure as Regional Director for USA continues to be not only being open to input and support from you, our members, but to proactively reach out to the membership seeking your opinions and feedback.

As a CPF my strengths lie in fostering collaboration, building consensus and encouraging participation. I will bring these to my tenure on the IAF Board of Directors. In 2018, my campaign statement included “In addition, my time working in the technology field in both software support and development helps me understand the technical environment our profession must adapt to in order to thrive and evolve in the professional world on the horizon.” The horizon is here. The global pandemic we’re currently living through has made the technology we use to collaborate across time zones and continents has become necessary to collaborate across the street, making it even more imperative that our profession perfect not only the technology, but our skills at using it.

IAF Engagement Highlights

Member Since CPF IAF Leadership roles Other
2013 Yes
  • Current Regional Director United States
  • Member of US Region leadership team 2016 thru 2019
  • Member of the 2015-2019 Nominating Committee
  • Supported the 2019 Conference of the Americas
  • Organizing Committee member for the 2002 and 2018 North American conferences
  • Enthusiastic and innovative US Region Quarterly Virtual Meetup team member 2016 – 2018.