Methods Database


In 2004 Jon Jenkins, the IAF's Communications Director at the time, initiated the creation of a facilitation methods database. Initial content was supplied by the Jenkins’ facilitation practice and has since grown to include hundreds of submissions from facilitators worldwide.

The purpose of the database is to serve facilitators by gathering and making accessible a breadth of facilitation methodologies and techniques. In 2010, discussions were initiated about how the IAF Methods Database could be redesigned to serve as both a research platform and as a practical facilitation tool. Following Jon Jenkins’s sudden death in 2010, a great loss for the international facilitation community, Maureen Jenkins took over leadership of the database and continued to work with a team to improve its functionality.

The Methods Database is a resource that is readily available to IAF members. The IAF supports the Methods Database's purpose of making knowledge about facilitation much more widely available. Recently a Review Committee, consisting of members from both the IAF and the Methods Database team, developed a number of recommendations to strengthen the Methods Database and increase its value to facilitators worldwide. If you would like to assist in the ongoing development and use of the Methods Database, please contact the IAF office.

Use of the Database

There are currently close to 600 methods in the methods database sourced from facilitators around the world.  Filters and keyword searches can be applied to the database and users can rate the methods. The methods are categorised by a focus such as Application, Method or Model, or Intervention. Users must create an account, which is free, to make full use of the database.