Methods Library

With almost 600 methods for you to discover in a user-friendly platform, finding methods for workshop design, facilitation and group processes has never been easier.

Don’t take our word for it - try out the IAF Methods Library for yourself.

The purpose of the database is to serve facilitators by gathering and making accessible a breadth of facilitation methodologies and techniques. The Methods Library is a resource that is readily available to IAF members. The IAF supports the Methods Libray's purpose of making knowledge about facilitation much more widely available. 

Who can use the IAF Methods Library?

Members and non-members alike can use the database, but the majority of methods are only available to IAF members, as a substantial benefit of membership of the International Association of Facilitators. If you're a member, you can log in to SessionLab using your IAF login details to access the members-only content. Not a member yet? Join us.

What does the Methods Library offer?

The platform is offered in partnership with SessionLab. Filters and keyword searches can be applied to the database and users can rate the methods. The methods are categorised by a focus such as Understanding Issues, Solving Problems, Making Decisions, Planning, Managing Difficulties, Warm-ups, and Generating Ideas. 

You can add new methods, comment on existing ones, and mark your favourites. It also offers a session design tool that allows you to create session plans and collaborate on meeting agendas - all in one place. Create your free account now and get started.

Visit the IAF Methods Library.

Webinar: Introduction to the IAF Methods Library Feb-2019

Hosts: Hector Villarreal Lozoya and Martin Farrell