The IAF Chicago Chapter aims to foster the growth of the field of facilitation and all its related practitioners, processes, technologies, and research, by providing a mechanism for networking, exchanging, and sharing best facilitation practices.

The Chicago Chapter was the first IAF Chapter to be established in the United States and was approved by the IAF Board of Directors in 2012.

Each month the group hosts a planning meeting (usually a morning teleconference) as well as a professional development activity (usually an evening activity), often called IAF Chicago Conversations. These events discuss a variety of subjects related to facilitation and are hosted live at one or more locations in the Chicago area. 

The 2015 Chicago Chapter Meeting schedue is available here.

IAF Chicago Conversation on FoCuSeD Presence, April 2013

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Past Events 

Past events held by the IAF Chicago Chapter include: 





IAF Chicago - Innovation facilitation



IAF Chicago by Paul Collins on SCAMPER Technique for Ideation



IAF Chicago - Problem Solving by Gary Rush, MGR Consulting