New York City


IAF New York City is open to all IAF members within the New York metro/tri-state area (i.e. we welcome those who commute or find themselves in the city from Connecticut, New Jersey or upstate New York). 

The group meets every two months (with a summer break from June to August) at venues in and around Manhattan. We usually feature a professional development activity, followed by networking among fellow facilitators. 

The chapter was approved by the IAF Board of Directors in 2013, as described in its Guiding Charter.

We keep our governance simple: a "Chapter Steward" is designated each year to oversee basic coordination of the group. This person acts as a focal point for members and a liaison with the IAF's Regional Director for the United States. 

Member's annual dues to the Association at the global level maintain their membership in the New York City Chapter. The Chapter does not accrue any resources, financially or otherwise.


The IAF New York City Chapter uses Meetup to post events, keep track of RSVPs, exchange local facilitation news, share job postings and make other announcements. You can request to join the group by visitng here. You can also follow us on Twitter.


Linda Mather, one of the original members of the New York City chapter.


Past Events 

Some of our past events have included:


  • February 27: Managing Group Dynamics in the Virtual Space


  • June 28: NYC Facilitators Group - In Person
  • March 15: Facilitating Future Vision Sessions
  • September 28: Ground Rules, Code of Conduct - Managing Foreseeable Derailments
  • December 5: Collective Leadership for Facilitation


  • November 17:  Plan "B" - Shifting Approach in the Moment
  • September 22:  Serious Play: Using toys (e.g., Play-doh, pipe cleaners, Legos) in group facilitation
  • March 24:   Energize Virtual Meetings with Improve with Cameron Algie, Speaker & Improv Coach, Play with Fire Improv
  • January 26:  Injecting "fun" in meetings


  • October 20:  Thought-sketching: Using Visuals for Ideation Capture and Reflection with Jill Greenbaum, Ed.D.
  • July 8:  Icebreakers and Energizers in a Hybrid World
  • February 25: The Creative Force of Resistance -- a Gestalt Perspective for Working with Groups with Michael Randel
  • January 28: Zoom Fatigue - Strategies for Energizing Groups


  • September 8:  Prepare Time & Space to Support Group Process
  • June 16:  Creating a Climate of Safety and Trust
  • April 23:  "Setting the Room"
  • February 26: Reading the Room - the Conversation Continues


  • November 20: Reading the Room 
  • September 9: Use of Language to Create Inclusiveness in Groups
  • July 31: Midsummer Social
  • April 22:  Delaing with Emotions in the Room
  • February 13:  Facilitation Bloopers - Lessons Learned




Sandor Schuman presents working with difficult groups, November 2013.