Online Facilitation

Theme: How to Engage your Participants in a Virtual Setting

Before we leave lockdowns and virtual meetings and workshops behind us it may be useful to reflect and share some of the good things we have learned. We may have suffered under numerous long and monotonous Teams meetings and workshops – with our cameras and mics “off”. I have, however, had some experiences that may be worth sharing. During the session you will experience some of what has worked for groups I have had the pleasure of worked with. Simple things and inspired by our IAF Core Competencies.

Who is this for? 

New or experienced facilitators who occasionally would like virtual workshops (and meetings) to be more engaging, more interactive. People who miss being a part of the dialogue, people who miss feeling more involved in the session. As facilitators we believe that it is valuable to engage and listen to everyone on the group, the wisdom of the group. I have some experience in planning end facilitating sessions where the participants are active at least every 5-7 minutes, and perhaps be in dialogues half of the time – good experiences. We will not record the session.

Outcomes: Tips and tricks for engaging your group all the way through the workshop. The session will in itself be a workshop where we will try the methods that works for me, we will “walk the talk”. Approaches based on appreciative inquiry will contribute to creating energy amongst the participants, and we will end up with the groups’ prioritized findings on what we as facilitators have learned during the lockdowns that may prove to be useful experiences when the lockdowns are over. Perhaps, a draft article about the session. As author I will appreciate your comments and suggestions for improvements.

What to bring: Computer or laptop with cam and microphone/headset – We expect you to participate actively throughout the session, (preferably) with your camera and microphone on. You will receive an invite for the meeting. The meeting will be on Zoom but does not require you to have Zoom installed.

Tools you'll experience: Zoom, breakout rooms, facilitation in the breakout rooms and group work using Zoom in combination with PowerPoint or Word. Appreciative Inquiry

Facilitator: Jens Lillebaek, IAF Certified Professional Facilitator, Sweco Denmark


Purpose: Hone our individual online facilitation to increase the baseline of all IAF members and friends.

Outcome: participants will experience online facilitation skills and be exposed to diverse tool sets. A designated facilitator will practice online facilitation, share what works and didn't work, receive feedback on their online facilitation.

Are you an IAF member interested in facilitating or hosting a session?

Join an event and raise your hand at the end when we ask for volunteers.

You can contact Enrico Teotti for any questions/comments simply by clicking here