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I like to bring energy and drive. To make each session an 'event'. Nothing is more exciting and invigorating than a group in perfect 'flow'; where everyone is stimulated and engaged to share; both involved in the process and motivated by the limitless possibilities. I blend of a number of highly interactive activities. Using a combination of Lego story boarding and models, scenarios, and of course questions – a lot of questions, each participant is encouraged to find an appropriate and appealing mode of conceptualising, engaging and communicating. Lego SeriousPlay uses everyday Lego blocks to provide a structured and engaging setting allowing participants to tap into and give voice to deeper parts of their thinking. This is achieved by modeling, and manipulating the nebulous, ideas, thoughts, emotions, and feelings which give rise to their frame of reference. Scenario Planning guides participants to imagine a possible world, create that world, enter that world,explore that world, interact with that world, learn from that world, and move toward that world. Process Facilitation is a way to open minds, open possibility, explore, experiment – move forward to conclusions, decisions, actions, and when required, next steps.