Natalie Zend

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Not for profit/NGO
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English, French, Spanish
Facilitation practice
I facilitate strategic conversations and multi-stakeholder collaboration to help address the complex local and global challenges of our time. I support teams, organizations and communities by holding space and facilitating processes that activate the wisdom in the group. Whether for project and program design, systems innovation, strategic decisions and priority-setting, or collective learning—I take care of the context and the process, so that my clients can focus on the content and get the results they need. My work is about helping clients to put the system in the room, listen to all voices, access group wisdom, and lead from the future that wants to emerge. In my facilitation I use a range and blend of methods and tools, from Open Space Technology and Participatory Learning & Action, to World Cafe, circle process, and the Focused Conversation Method. I bring extensive knowledge of how to facilitate participatory application of the program design and management tools of Human Rights Based Approaches and Results-Based Management. My training in the Art of Hosting, nonviolent communication, Process Work (Deep Democracy), and Theory U informs the models and the micro-skills I bring to my facilitation work.