Invitation to contribute and join the 2016 IAF EMENA conference Utrecht/Soesterberg

31 July 2016

Beautiful fellow facilitator (BFF)!

This world has a 'Urge for facilitative leadership'. It's this year’s theme of IAF EMENA Conference 2016 (International Association of Facilitators Europe Middle-East North-Africa). Too many organizations and people suffer from power play at the top. Bringing people, opinions, purpose and interests together in a facilitative way leads to beter decisions, cooperation and more fun!

This conference sets a new standard for facilitation, by:

  • visiting one of the most advanced Future Centers in Europe;

  • co-creating open & clean spaces to experiment with professionals;

  • sharing the power of facilitation as important today's & future leadership skills;

  • connecting to the world of 'the architects & designers of meeting';

  • piloting a new integrated software platform (eTouches);

  • 'The Hero's Journey ' to guide you through the conference.

We'll give way for:

  • Competence: bring your facilitation talent into action, experiment!

  • Relatedness: learn facilitation from your BFF and teach your BFF!

  • Autonomy: leading yourself to more understanding of facilitation by learning & experimenting.

Join us if you want to experience 'the Urge for Facilitative Leadership'. Join by offering a contribution and/or participating. Feel free to experiment with new techniques. Learn with your BFF's from all over the world. Get more 'grip' on facilitation, and see where it will lead you... For more details and the programme:

See you soon, on October 7-9 2016!

Jan Lelie CPF, Chair 2016 IAF EMENA Conference

The IAF EMENA Conference in a nutshell

  • Friday 7th of October 2016 12.00 – 18.00 – Location: LEF Future Centre, Rijkswaterstaat Utrecht
  • Saturday 8th – 9th of October 2016 – Location: Kontakt der Kontinenten, Soesterberg
  • IAF-Members: Euro 500; Non-member Euro 700; Excluding lodgings - do not forget to book you rooms (see Venue)  Single EUR 60,00 - Double EUR 84,00 / night