Facilitation Week 17-23 October 2022

About Facilitation Week

Facilitation Week takes place each year during the third week of October.

2022: 17-23 October 
2023: 16-22 October
2024: 14-20 October

Facilitation Week is the spark that ignites activities around the world to:

  • showcase the power of facilitation 
  • create a sense of community amongst facilitators 
  • share expertise and learn new facilitation methods and processes.

The International Association of Facilitators (IAF) is simply the catalyst for Facilitation Week.

The invitation to celebrate the week is open to everyone. 

Some ideas to inspire you

  • Publicise your facilitation stories on your and your clients' websites. Get creative, use video and podcasted interviews.
  • Host a "lunch and learn" or "coffee break case study" in your workplace to showcase how your organisation uses and benefits from facilitation. 
  • Host a facilitation learning event for others who also work with groups to collaborate, solve complex problems or resolve conflict.  
  • Host an event for potential clients to showcase the benefits of facilitation. Need inspiration? Take an inspiration tour of our past awardees for the Facilitation Impact Awards
  • Offer free or discounted facilitation services to groups who could benefit from professional facilitation. Use #facilitationweek to promote your pro-bono contribution and share the results. 
  • Approach your local school, college, university, teaching hospital or training providers to see if they'd like to collaborate on an #facilitationweek event. 
  • Talk to your local or national health and social care organisations to discuss the possibility of a training or other facilitation event during the Week. 
  • Use your networks - What other professional organisations do you belong to that might be interested in joining in celebrating #facilitationweek?   
  • Make use of the media. Local papers and radio stations are may include coverage if given a strong local angle or link to issues currently in the news.
  • If you blog, post a compelling story about the power of facilitation. 

Facilitation Week resources 

Marketing materials to help you promote your events will be available here closer to Facilitation Week.

Spread the word 

Use #FacilitationWeek to join the discussion.

We also tweet via @IAFacilitators using the hashtag #FacilitationWeek and post about FacilitationWeek on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages.