Joint Application Development

By Jane Wood, Denise Silver
Published Monday, 20 February 1995

From two leading JAD innovators—everything you need to become a first-class JAD facilitator

If you're an IS professional, you've probably heard quite a bit over the past few years about JAD's amazing track record in computer system design. But have you also heard that JAD techniques are now being used in companies worldwide to help facilitate everything from planning mergers to new product development? The demand has never been greater for first-class JAD facilitators and now this book helps you to become one. No dry academic treatise, this lively, hands-on guide bridges the gap between theory and practice with:

Detailed, step-by-step guidance on running JAD workshops from start to finish—from project definition, research, preparation, and running sessions, to final documentation

Dozens of useful agendas, checklists, sample documents, memos, visual aids, and more

A gold mine of eye-opening "war stories" and helpful hints from facilitators across North America and Europe

Completely updated and revised to reflect JAD's prominent new role in corporate decision-making, this Second Edition of the "JAD facilitator's bible" now features new and expanded coverage of how to:

Manage group dynamics, including handling difficult people, getting the timid ones to speak up, promoting creative thinking, and much more JAD psychology

Integrate CASE tools, prototyping, and groupware into your JAD sessions

Use JAD across and beyond the entire systems development life cycle

Measure success, select pilot projects, and train facilitators

Market your facilitating services within the company

Apply JAD techniques to all types of corporate planning and decision-making