Architecting collaboration: Fieldnotes on Meetings, Workshops, and Group Facilitation

Published Tuesday, 13 August 2019

This book is made from a compilation of my +50 LinkedIn articles about meetings, workshops, group facilitation. Every successful product is the fruit of hard work, and this also applies to books. Yet, in this case, all the work is already done and nothing is left undone, as Lao Tzu once said. I have collected and curated the articles that I consider valuable, regardless of the time of publication and organized a chapter structure under several sections that you might find useful to your purpose as a reader. As an IAF (TM) Certified Professional Facilitator, I am aware that every meeting we design is a touch point for anyone to experience an engaging moment in their lives with a tangible outcome that you can measure. The same goes when writing about the professional and organizational roles of a collaboration architect. Yet, this one is not a book about group facilitation, and you should be warned about this from the start. However, you may find some examples of the IAF core competencies reflected in this collection of articles. For this reason, I decided to map the IAF Competencies in the chapters’ content as way to provide some sort of guidance to you as a reader, and better decide which ones to read and which to skip. As always happens in any facilitated process, as a participant you are in charge. I do hope you enjoy reading my articles organized in this collection as a book that is yours to keep.