The Art of Leading Successful Online Meetings: 6 steps to engaging meetings that get results

Mette Ullersted
Published Thursday, 2 July 2020

The Art of Leading Successful Online Meetings is for everyone who struggles to build engage- ment and ownership during online meetings.

Over 6 straightforward chapters, I give you an insight into the barriers that make online meetings more difficult to host than face-to-face meetings, and I show you how you can run engaging online meetings that get results!

This book is perfect for:
- Project managers who host online meetings with their project team or other stakeholders
- Managers who are responsible for staff located remotely (distance
- In-house consultants who attend regular online meetings with colleagues and business partners
- Self-employed advisors and consultants who facilitate video meetings with their clients
- Employees who run or attend meetings with colleagues located in other countries

Also comes with 26 customizable facilitation tools that you can use in any online meeting, including pre-meeting, start-up, organize, and wrap-up tools.