Basic Facilitation Skills: #4 How to Communicate Meeting Results (or Workshop Results)

Terrence Metz
Published Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Video demonstration of how to manage open issues properly using the Parking Lot method (or as we prefer to call it, The Refrigerator) rather than leaving unattended a list of items without context or assigned next steps.

Complete your open issues step after the review of completed items and assignment of action items. During the meeting, record open issues as they arise. Now, review each open issue. First make sure the open issue remains valid. Over the course of meetings, some open issues are no longer “open”
and if so, they can be deleted or marked accordingly (eg, OBE = Overcome by Event, or taken care of). Append each open issue with the following:

♣ The issue status—along with a complete, coherent statement of description

♣ Who is responsible for communicating back to the group on the status of the open issue (frequently viewed as who ‘will do’ or complete the open

♣ When completion is expected (month, day, year)

♣ How progress or completion will be communicated to your group of participants

♣ Give the file a name so that future searches are made much easier

♣ Consider email size limitations and file-server security restrictions