Image of book cover Empowering Professional Facilitators

Empowering Professional Facilitators: The Potential of Digital Collaboration for IAF Core Competencies

Published Monday, 4 September 2023

This book explores the game-changing impact of digital collaboration tools on professional facilitation. It begins by defining digital collaboration and its relevance in modern work environments. Challenges and best practices are uncovered, empowering facilitators to navigate the digital  landscape effectively.

Readers are briefly introduced to diverse software solutions for collaboration, including Microsoft 365, Miro, Airtable, Slack, and Asana. A spotlight on Howspace highlights its role in facilitating dialogue and co-creation.

The book concludes by emphasizing the limitless potential of digital collaboration in breaking down barriers and fostering effective communication. It invites facilitators to embrace this transformative tool for enriching their practice within the framework of IAF Core Competencies.