Facilitation at a Glance! Fourth Edition (November 2016)

Ingrid Bens
Published Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Facilitation at a Glance! is a best seller and in this new edition every chapter has been further enhanced and a number of new elements have been
•           Understanding Facilitation – Best and worst facilitation practices.
•           Effective Questioning – What to ask, how might people respond. Question
types, formats, pointers and a question bank.
•           Facilitation Stages – Assessment and Design. Feedback and Refinement.
•           Who Can Facilitate –Meeting Leadership. Facilitation strategies for
leaders. Role challenges and facilitating colleagues.
•           Knowing Your Participants – Conducting assessments. Comparing teams to
groups. Getting a group to act like a team.
•           Creating Participation – Anticipate Potential Barriers, get full
participation. Clarify topics, create buy-in.
•           Effective Decision Making –The four types of conversations and levels
of empowerment. Decision making paradigms.
•           Facilitating Conflict – Facilitating arguments and debates. Managing
conflict. The five conflict options. Preventing conflict. Interventions.
Dealing with resistance.
•           Meeting Management – Meetings that work. Meeting behaviors symptoms and
cures. Status Update meetings. Meeting best practices.
•           Process Tools For Facilitators – Appreciative review, visioning, gap
analysis, decision grid, troubleshooting, exit survey, needs and offers dialogue, and gallery walk.
•           Meeting Design Template – Steps in meeting design, potential pitfalls,
meeting components.

“If you’re serious about facilitation, then  this is THE book to read, read again and use every day as a reference. And don’t let the small format fool you: this book has all the tools, techniques and practical tips you will ever need.”
Adriano Pianesi, Principal Partner of, Author of Teachable Moments of Leadership.