The Facilitator’s Best Friends – Sticky Walls for Breakthrough Collaboration

Dr. Bee Leng Seow
Published Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Explore the non-conventional ways of using sticky walls to connect people and enable  groups to make a decision • Have people with many different thinking styles experience shared values • Connect people to co-create visual outputs of the magical sticky walls, gain buy-in, own and share it • Use the sticky wall method creatively to allow for everyone’s opinion to be heard and to hear all

Your participants will walk away with your creative ways of engagement. It is excitingly creative to explore the unconventional ways of using sticky walls for different topics. It is a WOW experience on how an ordinary piece of sticky cloth can be transformed into a sunny garden, starry starry nights of dazzling lights, heartfelt hearts to serve with love and much more. In fact, the participants will love to see their ideas multiplying in front of them.
Your clients will now see big, bold, attractive Magical Walls that connect people, purpose and values. Let's build on and co-create our innovations, harvest ideas for using this tool in our training X facilitation sessions and most importantly share and connect! The more we get together and innovate, the more impact we will have on the world!

I am looking forward to build a database of creative ways for building the sticky wall (garden theme, stars, rainbow, gifts etc) for different topics of facilitation and training; and sharing with all. Check out the possibilities we can explore in the following links: