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Making risk management work means engaging people to identify, own and manage risk. Many organisations have spent considerable time and money setting up risk frameworks, processes, and supporting tools, but these have failed to deliver value. Instead, they should focus on the people.


"Leading Small Groups - Basic Facilitation Tools" relates Donald Kerper's view of the components of small group success and how to best assist those groups work collaboratively to achieve their mission in an effective and efficient manner. The facilitation process and basic facilitation tools presented in the book can help assist the facilitator help the team be successful in their endeavor.

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Meeting Management & Facilitation Skills is a practical guide for making your steady stream of meetings more productive, efficient, and enjoyable. It is designed for anyone who attends meetings, from seasoned professionals to those newly embarking on their careers.

Based on the knowledge and experience of facilitators with decades of experience in a vast array of industries and projects, this book gives readers a strong foundation to immediately begin facilitating better meetings both in person and online.