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The Future of Facilitation. Leadership, Influence and Impact in Disruptive Times by Mika Aaltonen and Paolo Martinez

The IAF Core Facilitator Competencies framework portrays the basic set of skills, knowledge, and behaviors to assist facilitators becoming successful in a variety of environments.

The Future of Facilitation study asks if, and how, these competencies have changed or should change, because of the Covid – 19 crisis.

Parineeta Mehra
Sushma Banthia
Nitin Welde
Shubha Rajan
Arvind Murwaha
Nasreen Khan
Vasudha Lal
Ms. Varsha Chitnis


‘Footprints on the sands of time, leave behind a trail; for the times gone by and the times to come.’ What does one say about a tale that has a trail.
A trail that has taken a cumulative experience of about 300 years. It has lent this book its flavour, fragrance and flamboyance.