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When I wrote this article - Virtual is going to be the new normal - a few weeks ago I thought a lot of people would be reading and I was wrong.

I wrote about why this pandemic forced a global lockdown with unknown historical consequences, I presented evidence about the dance of R: a dance of measures between getting our lives back on track and spreading the disease, one of economy vs. healthcare and ended with a very positive optimistic note.

Enrico Teotti


In this post I refer to retrospectives as a type of meeting inspired by the 12th agile principle “At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly.”.

Many factors–specific to your context–can reduce the effectiveness of a retrospective and cause frustration and mistrust in the group. In this brief blog post I will describe how psychological safety, purpose, facilitator's preparedness and collaboration can help make your retrospectives even more effective.



The most common question we get from clients is some version of, "How did you get our team all on the same page so quickly?!" And yes, it's normally said with an "!". (Sometimes two "!!".) One Page Plans: The Quick Way to Get Your Team on the Same Page reveals the simple but powerful method we have used with dozens of organizations to get them aligned on solutions.

In a 60-MINUTE READ, you're going to learn a skill that will get your team making better decisions faster, whether you're doing a planning exercise or solving a crisis.