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Federico De Nardo


The publication is about some principles that should guide the facilitation and the participatory processes, in particular related to Waste Management and Planning, it takes a case study of the participatory process for a Solid Waste Management Masterplan successfully done after 14 months of participatory process, in Lebanon.

The last part is about cost recovery of the service but was part of the facilitation process and validate a cost recovery system in Waste Management as you might understand was great achievement and change in the perception of the Solid Waste service.

David Hardy

This is a text book on facilitation.  It's focus is on 'what is facilitation'? The link between facilitation and public engagement.  How to design public engagement to avoid large angry meetings.  How to prepare to facilitate larger public meetings. How to design the facilitation process to achieve public dialogue and best outcomes. The book includes meeting check lists and a sample 'Facilitator's Agenda'.