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Image of book cover Empowering Professional Facilitators

This book explores the game-changing impact of digital collaboration tools on professional facilitation. It begins by defining digital collaboration and its relevance in modern work environments. Challenges and best practices are uncovered, empowering facilitators to navigate the digital  landscape effectively.

Readers are briefly introduced to diverse software solutions for collaboration, including Microsoft 365, Miro, Airtable, Slack, and Asana. A spotlight on Howspace highlights its role in facilitating dialogue and co-creation.


Given the uncertainty of our times and the increasing pace of change, what does it take to continue to stretch productively without snapping, snapping back or losing your shape? People are constantly being asked to stretch - in too many directions and for too long. It feels unsustainable. ELASTIC draws on a metaphor, an acronym and a series of conversations with inspiring leaders to help you understand what's' happening and explore practical strategies to build 'stretchiness' in yourself and with others.


Making risk management work means engaging people to identify, own and manage risk. Many organisations have spent considerable time and money setting up risk frameworks, processes, and supporting tools, but these have failed to deliver value. Instead, they should focus on the people.