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Have you ever been with a team that was spinning in circles and felt unsure how to help? Have you ever been in the room with a high-conflict group and wanted to flee?

If you are responsible for leading teams of any size toward better outcomes, then chances are you have stepped into the role of facilitator at some point.
But what does it mean to be a facilitator? While sticky notes, dot voting, and gathering people around a whiteboard are all helpful activities, they can only take us so far.


The Future of Facilitation. Leadership, Influence and Impact in Disruptive Times by Mika Aaltonen and Paolo Martinez

The IAF Core Competencies framework portrays the basic set of skills, knowledge, and behaviors to assist facilitators becoming successful in a variety of environments.

The Future of Facilitation study asks if, and how, these competencies have changed or should change, because of the Covid – 19 crisis.