Group Facilitation: A Research & Applications Journal, Number 12

Published Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Introduction: Stephen Thorpe



Talk-in-interaction in Facilitated and Training Workshops in Organizations: A Summary of Findings

Sascha Rixon


Group Facilitation as Hermeneutic Practice

Kenneth Walsh and Patrea Andersen


It’s a Jungle Out There – The Biology of Facilitation

Julie Marcy


Forumspil: Transforming Minds and Hearts within Group Processes

Marie Delgado Ebbesen and Warren Linds


The Ways of One and Many: Exploring the Integration of Conflict Coaching and Dialogue-Facilitation

Ross Brinkert


Validation of the Team Diagnostic Survey and a Field Experiment to Examine the Effects of an Intervention to Increase Team Effectiveness

Per Eisele


Book Reviews

Essentials of Intentional Interviewing

by Allen Ivey, Mary Ivey and Carlos Zalaquett

Reviewed by angela Lewis


Leading Effective Virtual Teams

by Nancy Settle-Murphy

Reviewed by Stephen Thorpe