Handbook of Facilitative Leadership - Concrete Ways to Boost Performance

Mr. Pepe Nummi
Published Wednesday, 1 August 2018

This leadership book is about forming and maintaining groups that work productively toward a common purpose. It is about getting everyone in the same room, creating shared understanding  of goals, creating co-operation, sharing the work, reviewing progress and having a common way of working.
Unlike most of Leadership books, the Handbook of Facilitative Leadership shows specifically how to lead. What kind of activities lead to the best understanding of common goals? How should meetings be structured to create the best dynamic?  How are different themes, goals, and tasks integrated by systematic leadership? These questions, and many more will be answered by the different leadership situations that are presented and then analysed in each chapter.
Leadership happens when people connect and that is why meetings are so important as key leadership situations. The book explains how the methods presented can be adapted both for traditional face-to-face and virtual working environments.
And finally, the Handbook of Facilitative Leadership is all about boosting team performance. High performance is all about creating understanding, direction and alignment. Without proper implementation of the right leadership tools, teams cannot reach their full potential.