Handbook of Professional Facilitation: theory, tools, & design

Pepe Nummi
Published Tuesday, 12 October 2021

In this book you'll learn:

  • The most effective group methods for successful decision making.
  • How to combine group tools to guide groups through structured dialogue using the CSA Method of workshop design.
  • How to use professional tools that dig deeper and help groups address complex topics and work past challenging emotions.
  • The best practices for leading engaging virtual meetings.
  • The eight core competencies of professional facilitation.
  • Organisational development processes to transform culture across entire organisations.

This book is for leaders, team coaches, trainers, organisational development practitioners, experts, enthusiasts, complete beginners, and anyone else who wants to help groups make better decisions. Since it provides you with everything you need to lead the group decision-making process, it is beneficial for both professionals planning week-long workshops and for someone who has volunteered to lead their first meeting at work.

This book provides a complete overview of everything you need to become a world-class professional facilitator.

Open the book. It will transform your leadership abilities and provide some entertainment along the way, too.