Innovation Camp Methodology Handbook

Published Friday, 15 December 2017

This Methodology Handbook describes key success factors for organising and running Innovation Camps. Innovation Camps are a condensed process in which economic, social, technological, cultural and environmental challenges can be addressed at policy, strategy and/or operational levels, and how they can be tackled and ‘solved’ innovatively by key Quadruple Helix stakeholders and experts.

This Handbook is conceived as a tool for regional and urban policy makers to decide whether and – in which circumstances – to organise an Innovation Camp, and for practitioners to design and run it. It describes where and when to hold an Innovation Camp, the key roles and responsibilities of organisers and participants, and how the methodology works in practice. There are descriptions of factors to consider before, during, and after running a Camp, and tips to help organisers and facilitators in designing an effective process.
The Handbook guides the reader through the history and state-of-the-art of this open and effective method – a method that has already been applied, with a success, in 10 countries and that is now being adapted to accelerate the Entrepreneurial Discovery Processes for implementing Smart Specialisation Strategies in Europe.
The Innovation Camp method has been used in several public and private projects and programmes since 2012 in Europe and abroad.
If you need more information I am one of the three authors of the handbook.