Meetings That Get Results: A Facilitator's Guide to Building Better Meetings

Terrence Metz
Published Tuesday, 14 September 2021

This valuable resource lays out a structured method for designing and leading better meetings. Its facilitative approach marks a transition from the leader as "the expert with the answers" to a new world where the leader's job is to ask the right questions and manage context. To ask the right questions, facilitators need access to a wide range of tools, and the expertise to match the tool with the situation. With facilitative tools properly applied, leaders can build consensus around important questions, creating buy-in among team members and stakeholders which will make their work so much more effective. At the end of every meeting, the participants, not the presenter, will own the content, which is key. Used correctly, these tools can help build a culture of engagement and motivation. This book is an easy-to-navigate catalog of tools collected and tested by the MG Rush Facilitation consultancy to provide evidence-based results.