Ordinary Meetings DON'T Interest Me!: What Is Facilitation? (Creative Group Leadership Book) (Volume 1)

Published Friday, 15 July 2016

This book series addresses the urgent need to educate the public about the ways a Facilitator/Process Leader can help any group of people to make progress and achieve better outcomes. 

This first book in a series shows you how to get started as a facilitator, what I call a Process Leader, and be able to work with groups, helping them to achieve mega-outcomes in our rapidly changing times. 

This book will enable you to: 
* Understand clearly the role of a Process Leader and how it differs from others by applying a Social Intelligence Approach 
* Understand the principles and workplace framework for an external or internal Process Leader 
* Get insights on how to use your personal life experiences to unleash your inner “Sneaky Vegetable.” 
* Draw inspiration from the amazing benefits already available for any group of people. 
* Hear from the amazing contributors, “Sneaky Vegetables” making massive differences in the world. 

This book features twenty-five accomplished Facilitators who are shaking things up for themselves and their clients by planning, designing, and leading workshop processes to improve communication, alignment, and decision-making, including:

Alan Halford - The Conflict Company
Amrit Kendrick - Sustain Nature Communication
Andrew Rixon - Babel Fish Group
Belinda Coghlan - OD Consulting Services
Bob Dick
Chantal Harris - The Cultural Connection Code
Claire Vanderplank - Weapons of Mass Creation
Cheryl Gilroy - People Dynamics
Cindy Tonkin
Senator Janet Rice
Jeremy Lu - GroupMap
Jill Chivers - JILLCHIVERS
John Dawson
Jules White - Circles of Truth
Joy Humphreys - The Humphreys Group
Martin Ringer - Group Institute International
Neil Preston - PsyOpus Pty Ltd
Nick Housego
Rick Sommerford
Rhonda Tranks - Illuma Consulting
Richard Boyd - Conscious Business Australia
Rob Carolane - Twin Prism
Viv McWaters - Beyond the Edge Pty Ltd
Victor Konijn - Clarity Counts