The Power of Facilitation: Making it Easy for Groups to Achieve Amazing Results

Published Tuesday, 18 May 2021

The book is a compilation of chapters written by different authors or author teams, designed to promote the power of facilitation.

Each chapter connects key perspectives on specific dimensions of facilitation, organisational and community development with the respective authors’ practice and thinking about our craft. Most of the team are members of the International Association of Facilitators, and many are IAF Certified Professional Facilitators.

The book project is a labour of love for all contributors. Our mission is to promote the power of facilitation worldwide. We are making the book available for free in order to enable and encourage everyone to read it and to share it.

Editor: Kimberly Bain Authors: Kimberly Bain, Trevor Durnford, Malin Moren Durnford, Mark Bain, Hector Villarreal Lozoya, Martin Gilbraith, Michael Ambjorn, Barbara MacKay, Kavi Arasu, Stephen Berkeley Visual Practitioners: Kailin Huang, Rosanna von Sacken, Debbie Roberts, Chitra Chandrashekhar