Style J Leadership

Mrs. Joyce Matthews
Published Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Style J Leadership identifies 'the shift of decisions from the teacher to the learner'. Can leadership development be conducted this way?
Joyce Matthews is passionate about the development of leaders. She is curious about how to make leadership development even better than it is already. She believes it’s time for a new conversation about leadership; time to stop leading organizations and start leading the people in them. Working with leaders from India, China, Japan, Malta, Canada, Brunei and the UK, she’s noticed that leadership is a feeling created amongst people; a feeling that comes from the way leaders behave – from what they say and what they do.
Developing this is a change to the status quo; it’s an unconventional approach to leadership learning. On the other hand, it’s an entirely conventional method for this ex-PE teacher and human movement specialist, who is an expert in designing learning to shift you ‘beyond black and white thinking’.