Virtual is going to be the new normal

Published Sunday, 29 March 2020

When I wrote this article - Virtual is going to be the new normal - a few weeks ago I thought a lot of people would be reading and I was wrong.

I wrote about why this pandemic forced a global lockdown with unknown historical consequences, I presented evidence about the dance of R: a dance of measures between getting our lives back on track and spreading the disease, one of economy vs. healthcare and ended with a very positive optimistic note.

The article started with almost the same number of 'likes' than with page reads, so I thought it would be going viral. Yet, the wrong choice of image (I used an advert from Ingram Micro just as an example) and the LinkedIn team deliberately kills the diffusion of what they thought could be unpaid publicity to some sort of covid-19 related services.

I then changed the article picture and the situation improved, I have now almost 100 readers but the diffusion is dragging. I decided to stop writing articles on LinkedIn for a while, as you can imagine. I am happy that the IAF has this section so that I can share it here with you: Is virtual going to be the new normal?