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Facilitation in Africa is as broad and diverse as the continent itself. Made up of 54 countries, with as many as 2,000 different spoken languages and at least as many ethnic groups, the continent is rich in its approaches to facilitation.

2019 IAF Africa Action Plan

The 2019 IAF Africa Action Plan is on 3rd  Draft stage, it is expected to be launched by early February. 

  • Continued growth of membership and chapters throughout the region
  • Continued development of “African voice and perspective” throughout all IAF activities
  • Development of Facilitation practice through conferences, facilitator dialogues, online sessions etc.
  • Professional Development through holding regular Certified Professional Facilitation (CPF) events and supporting training & mentoring processes
  •  Improved Networking and Communication, including making maximum use of online & social media platforms
 The various initiatives can be captured under the following themes:
  • Community: Connecting People: Engaging Peer to Peer Communities
  • Establishing Professional Pathways
  • Enabling Brand Ambassadorship

Latest News:

IAF Africa Updates

  • IAF now has its second Special Interest Group (S.I.G.), an initiative by Social Inclusion Facilitators from East Africa.  The S.I.G. aims to link with other facilitators working on Social Inclusion / Diversity and Inclusion and act as a platform to organize on a global level.  Another group of Francophone facilitators are also looking to organize themselves as an S.I.G. in the near future.You can contact them Special Interest Group by email at
  • The Togo Chapter will be hosting the IAF Africa Facilitation Conference 2019 in Lome from October 23-26.  For further information, please contact Conference Chair, Ida Fiadjoe through or follow
  • CPF Assessment Days will also be held prior to the Conference on October 22nd and 23rd in Lome.  For more information, please contact

Facilitation in Africa

What does facilitation look like in Africa?  There is no simple answer to this question; facilitation approaches and experiences are as broad and diverse as the continent itself. 

Traditional and common practices, such as storytelling and community-led development, sit in harmony with participatory facilitation processes. When combined effectively, they can produce powerful and sustainable outcomes.

"Mozambique is at a stage where building capacity and knowledge is in demand to respond to the challenges for development. As such, I see an enormous opportunity for facilitation across the country. And that is my personal contribution. As a facilitator, I help a group of people go somewhere together, with a purpose."  - Edson Correia, IAF member and CPF in Maputo, Mozambique

"Since the profession is still relatively new in Nigeria, there is a huge opportunity for an association that helps to create awareness for just what facilitation is or is not, and to set standards and promote ethics and best practices for facilitation." - Kate Onyeanakwe, IAF member based in Abuja, Nigeria

"In Togo, and much of francophone West Africa, facilitation is not very well defined. Many people confuse facilitation and training. That makes it challenging for facilitators to remain detached and out of the content, while their clients want them to be experts on the subject matter. Communication, awareness, and even training of key stakeholders is critical if we want to make the profession move effective in our region." - Kofi Kumodzi, IAF member and CPF based in Lome, Togo


There are currently six chapters in Africa. These include Kenya, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda and Rwanda.

We are currently 80 members in 17 countries in all sub-regions of the continent as well as our 3 diaspora members. For those who need to renew or join, please do get in touch with our office manager, Mujtaba Mirza, through

For those in Kenya and elsewhere in East Africa, there is an option to pay through Mpesa (mobile money), please contact to use this.

Members Meetings

The IAF Africa Director always sends the meeting links to all members via email at the agreed upon dates, please purpose to attend. Please contact for more information.

To stay updated, kindly request to join IAF Africa Whatsapp group where regular updates happen.

Social Process Facilitation:

We are in the process of developing a Special Interest Group (SIG) with members from Peru and elsewhere in Latin America as well as other regions.  The aim is to have a regular exchange and learning forum with members from Africa who are engaged in social process facilitation. 

If you might be interested to be part of this, please get in touch with John Cornwell through or Hector Villareal through

Certified Professional Facilitator programme (CPF)

Congratulations to Ashleigh van Rensburg from South Africa who recently became a CPF after the event in London. She becomes our 6th CPF in the Region alongside Janet Akob, Kofi Kumodzi, Zuber Ahmed, Edson Correia and Judyth Nasimolo.

Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) events

 Please follow the link to learn more about the set CPF events and register at

To know more about the CPF process, please see the links below:

General Information on CPF

Funding Assistance for CPF

If you feel you are ready to go ahead with the process, kindly register your interest through as the first step.

Chapter and Community Activities:

  • Kenya chapter meets regularly at Bilakoye Restaurant, Hazina towers, Nairobi.  Open to IAF members and other facilitators - an opportunity for networking and sharing.  Contact person Julias Alego +254 722 788 997
  • Rwanda Chapter Contact person:
    Chapter Co-ordinator: Jeanne d’Arc Kabagema
  • Togo Chapter Contact person: 
    Chair: Barthelemy Atti
    Secretary: Amakoe Hillah
  • Tunisia Chapter Contact person:
    Chair: Mr. Sofiane ACHOUR
    Secretary: Sami YAZIDI
  • Uganda Chapter Contact person:
    Chair: Moses Arinaitwe
    Secretary: Salume Ofwono
  • Tanzania Chapter Contact person
    Chapter Co-ordinator: Churchill Shakim -
  • The West Africa group of members will also continue their regular online meetings. For more details, please contact Emem Goldson @
  • Some of our members are also involved in developing a Portuguese / Lusophone community that has a global reach. If you are interested to get involved in this, please contact Celeste Brito through
  • Francophone network is coordinated by Kofi Kumodzi. Please contact him at 


Susan Waruingi from Kenya is now doing all our website updates. If you have news or information for her, please get in touch through