IAF Regional Conference, KL, Malaysia Sept 2019

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Welcome to IAF Asia!

Asia region is home to over 575 IAF members, many of who connect locally to plan and participate in the activities of their chapters. We promote a number of events, regional and annual conferences throughout the year. We also have virtual connects through webinars and stay in touch with the latst global & regional updates through a quarterly newsletter - Asia Buzz.

There are currently 10 chapters in Asia. The region's chapters are some of the most active and there is growing interest in professional development. To know the upcoming events, please check the IAF calendar.You can also see the CPF assessments scheduled in the region over the next few months here.

Please feel free to contact me or the IAF World Office any time.

Warm Regards from Farah (Regional Director, IAF APAC)

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  • Saying farewell is not easy...closing the KL Conference
  • Unhurried Conversations HKG
  • Meet ups across chapters!
  • Celebrating stories - IAF HKG session
  • Regional Co-ordination Team bonding time at the KL Conference
  • Singapore Team Pic
  • Members connecting across chapters!
  • Briefing call with all facilitators of the IAF Asia Conference
  • Singapore - IAF Connect 2019
  • Assessors at the KL Confererence
  • Our newest CPF's! Congratulations
  • Asian members on a rooftop
  • IAF Singapore meet-up
  • Indonesia team celebrating at the KL Conference

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If you want to know more about the IAF and all the exciting initiatives in Asia, please write to me at:


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