Rosanna von Sacken, Regional Director for Canada (2016 and 2017).



Canada One Page News

A Short & Sweet Quarterly Newsletter to Keep You Informed

Summer 2016
Fall 2016


CANADA's One Pager News (see archived issues under photo on left)

By now you should have received this one pager newsletter. My intention is to touch base with you, the IAF Canadian membership, regularly, so I'm trying out this Canada One Pager News. The newsletter is purposely short and sweet, so it shouldn't eat up too much of your time and attention. This quarterly one pager will highlight things you should know in case you missed the information. Of course, time sensitive items will not be in this one pager. I am giving myself one year (4 issues) starting with the 2016 summer edition to see how effective it is as an outreach tool. In order to gauge its effectiveness, I will need your feedback. So please email me and let me know what you think.


2016 A Year in Review

        A brief video summary of IAF activities and achievements in 2016.

Toronto played host for the 2017 Board Face-Face Meeting

Canada had the pleasure to host the 2017 annual face-to-face board meeting this January. All but two board members were able to make it there, with Vinay from Asia joining the meeting virtually everyday. The secretary, our very own Mara Svenne, familiarized the international board members with Canadiana with words like "eh", "touque", "double double", etc., and promptly apologized with our ever humble "sorry". We worked hard for 5 full days with the help of our patient, flexible and adaptive facilitator, Martin Farrell.

(missing in photo: John Cornwell, Africa Region; Vinay Kumar, Asia Region)

We also took advantage of the board being present and with some of the IAF Toronto Chapter members joining us, we hosted and presented the Canadian winners with the 2016 Facilitation Impact Awards in the evening on Jan. 25. We are so proud to see our colleagues being recognized with this prestigious award.

Congratulations to fellow IAF facilitators, Karyn Dumble, Kimberly Bain, Karyn Stock-MacDonald, Tamara and Shawna Eberle and their respective clients, Futurpreneur Canada, Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, City of Mississauga, Oxford Square One and Yorkdale Properties.

IAF Chapter(s) in Canada?

In order to establish a chapter, we need:

  • Local IAF facilitators ready to commit time to take on the Chapter Lead's role. You don't have to do this alone, this role can be shared.
  • A minimum of 5 IAF members signing up to make a local Chapter.
  • Local IAF members and non-members to join the Chapter, to champion, promote, coordinate and participate in local Chapter activities in order to sustain as a Chapter. Local activities are meant to provide you with networking opportunities, shared learning and personal / professional development.
  • Approval from the IAF Board to establish a new Chapter.

For more information

You can find out more about the IAF’s activities in Canada by contacting:

  • The Chapter Lead(s) of existing Chapters (currently there are Chapters in Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax, and a Brand New Chapter - the British Columbia Chapter).
  • Rosanna von Sacken, Regional Director for Canada, for establishing a new Chapter or for anything related to IAF.

The Canada region also shares information via Facebook Group (IAF Canada), Twitter (@IAFCanada) and LinkedIn (IAF Canada). 

We are planning to refresh our communications to our members within the Canada Region, including frequency and methods, whether via a newsletter, virtual gatherings or other mechanisms. In the meantime, please submit your ideas to Rosanna von Sacken.