Rosanna von Sacken, Regional Director for Canada (2016 and 2017).



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CANADA's One Pager News (see archived issues under photo on left)

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London, UK played host for the 2018 Board Face-Face Meeting

This year's face-face board meeting was facilitated by Malin Moren, who ably guided the board to achieve its objectives.

IAF Chapter(s) in Canada?

In order to establish a chapter, we need:

  • Local IAF facilitators ready to commit time to take on the Chapter Lead's role. You don't have to do this alone, this role can be shared.
  • A minimum of 5 IAF members signing up to make a local Chapter.
  • Local IAF members and non-members to join the Chapter, to champion, promote, coordinate and participate in local Chapter activities in order to sustain as a Chapter. Local activities are meant to provide you with networking opportunities, shared learning and personal / professional development.
  • Approval from the IAF Board to establish a new Chapter.

For more information

You can find out more about the IAF’s activities in Canada by contacting:

  • The Chapter Lead(s) of existing Chapters (currently there are Chapters in Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax, and a Brand New Chapter - the British Columbia Chapter).
  • Rosanna von Sacken, Regional Director for Canada, for establishing a new Chapter or for anything related to IAF.

The Canada region also shares information via Facebook Group (IAF Canada), Twitter (@IAFCanada) and LinkedIn (IAF Canada). 

We are planning to refresh our communications to our members within the Canada Region, including frequency and methods, whether via a newsletter, virtual gatherings or other mechanisms. In the meantime, please submit your ideas to Rosanna von Sacken.