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About Your Region and Your Team

The region of Europe and Middle East (EME) is home to over 600 IAF members, many of who connect locally to plan and participate in the activities of their 26 local chapters and 43 countries. 
The EME region organises and promotes a number of activities, events and conferences throughout the year.
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EME Upcoming Events

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IAF Share & Learn 

a series by the Europe and the Middle East Region


A brand new series by the IAF Europe and the Middle East region!

Join Helene Jewell in this session hosted by David Bishop to learn how her experiences of living in Nepal have influenced her role as a facilitator.

Register now & join us on 27 March! 

IAF EME Leadership Team 2024-25

A team works to coordinate activities in the EME region. Those who are chairing IAF’s facilitator communities (chapters), or someone they designate, are a full part of the regional team as they promote facilitation within their own city or country. 

Within the EME regional team, the following members have made the additional commitment to take on a particular region wide responsibility.

If you want to join the regional team and offer your contribution to promote the power of facilitation in the region and beyond, please contact anyone who has taken on a region wide responsibility simply by clicking on their name above.


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You can find out more about the EME region and stay informed of our activities on Twitter and Instagram.