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The region of Europe and Middle East (EME) is home to nearly 400 IAF members, many of who connect locally to plan and participate in the activities of their over 20 local chapters. 

The IAF Europe & Middle East Facilitation Talks is inviting members to share stories, approaches and/or methodologies while experimenting the virtual context and learning from the experience. Nurturing the facilitation community is our driver to promoting the power of facilitation worldwide.

The Facilitation Talks have started in May 2020 and participants can be members or non-members.

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Next dates: 
June 18th, 5 pm CET
June 25th,  5 pm CET

Call for Proposals - 2021 Europe & Middle East Conference 

Any team of IAF members who share the values and goals of our association, along with a commitment to arrange an important event to advance our profession, may apply to host our 2021 Europe and Middle East Conference.

Please download the RFP, IAF Conference Handbook and current IAF Conference policies here:

● IAF Conference Handbook - PDF
● IAF Conference Policy - PDF

The deadline for submitting proposals is 11:59pm CET August 31, 2020.

Send all proposals to: and with the subject “Proposal 2021 Conference of EME Region”.

Send all questions to g with the subject “Questions 2021 Conference of EME Region”.

A Selection Committee will carefully review each proposal and communicate their decision to Candidate teams by October 15, 2020.

IAF EME Regional Team

A team works to coordinate activities in the EME region. Those who are chairing IAF’s facilitator communities (chapters), or someone they designate, are a full part of the regional team as they promote facilitation within their own city or country. 

Within the EME regional team, the following members have made the additional commitment to take on a particular region wide responsibility.

  • Celeste Brito: IAF EME Regional Director
  • Radu Moraru: Partnerhips
  • Steve Lloyd: Treasurer
  • Rena Bilgin Koç: Social Media Manager
  • Hiltrud Kinnunen and Paolo Martinez: Coordination
  • Goli Ahmadifard: ME Liaison
  • Martin Farrell and Susana Grau: Welcoming Call
  • Zena-Gabrielle Hailu: Global Flipchart

If you want to join the regional team and offer your contribution to promote the power of facilitation in the region and beyond, please contact anyone who has taken on a region wide responsibility or Celeste Brito, Regional Director for EME. 


News and events

Are you ready for the biggest Facilitation Festival of this summer. Save your seats and don’t miss these 3 days full of facilitation!

The Online Summer Facilitation Festival is a joint effort of IAF Turkey, IAF Middle East and IAF Central & Eastern European Countries. The coordination team is inviting IAF members and non-members to a wide range of virtual sessions regarding facilitation. The sessions will focus on various aspects of facilitation, and some especially on the effects of Covid-19.



The EME region organises and promotes a number of activities, events and conferences throughout the year.

We had an amazing annual conference in Milan last May (May 2-4, 2019)! The main topic of the IAF EME Conference 2019 was "Agile & Facilitation" and we had over 120 participants from 29 countries... 

The two big upcoming activities of our region are: Facilitation Training Camp, Istanbul (17-18-19 July, 2019) and IAF England & Wales Annual Conference - The Power and Practice of Facilitation, Birmingham (18-19 October, 2019)


See the CPF Assessments scheduled in our region in the next months.






For more inforation

You can find out more about the IAF's EME region and stay informed of its activities in the following ways:

IAF EME on Social Media

IAF Europe and ME strongly believes in the importance of peer to peer learning for the professional development of facilitators. To this end we have set up the IAF Europe ME group on the LinkedIn network. You are invited to join it and share best practices, resources, hints, tips, do's, don'ts about facilitation in general, as well to ask other facilitators' support to meet the challlenges you are facing in your job.The EME region shares information also via Twitter and Instagram.

IAF EME Newsletter

The EME region produces a monthly newsletter to share updates and showcase its members' activities.

See newsletter archives