IAF worldwide

The IAF is a global association that operates in seven regions. Within each region, there may be one or more IAF chapters.


IAF Regions

Each region has a Regional Director who provides leadership and coordinates activities. You can learn more about each region below.


IAF Chapters

IAF Chapters are simply national or local groups of IAF members who meet and collaborate to pursue the Association's mission at a more local level. Chapters also respond to the expressed desire of our members for more frequent and local opportunities for professional and personal development. 

IAF chapters are created by a request to the IAF Board following a recommendation by the Regional Director and the Director for Membership and Chapters. The steps to creating an IAF Chapter are straightforward and designed to provide an understanding of the IAF's governance and to ensure proper accountability. In the event that this may not be the case, the IAF Board retains the right to dissolve a chapter.

For more information about the creation of a Chapter, please contact the Director of Membership and Chapters